Conservatories can be dated back to the 17th century when they were mostly stone buildings with glass walls. Back then they were exclusively enjoyed by the very wealthy in England and only gained popularity during the Victorian age when they became more accessible to the rest of the population. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s that conservatories first started to become a common-place feature in residential homes across the UK.

From about 20 years ago, the addition of a conservatory was one of the DIY jobs on top of every homeowner’s wish list to aspire to. Not only were they desired for the valuable space they could add to a property but they also allowed UK residents to enjoy their gardens through glass walls all year round while being protected from the weather.

In a country like the UK where there are more rainy than sunny days, a conservatory provides homeowners with the unique opportunity to enjoy their gardens even during inclement weather due to double glazing Surrey. A conservatory brings the outdoors inside and creates additional comfortable space that can be enjoyed any time of the year, no matter what the weather brings. It provides a variety of options that allow you to enjoy the extra space such as heating to keep warm when it is cold outside or blinds to provide shelter from the hot sunshine when the summer months hit.

Benefits of Installing a Conservatory

There are a number of very good reasons why homeowners may choose to have a conservatory installed instead of converting a loft or extending their home:

• A conservatory installation does not need planning permission
• It is a much cheaper option compared to a loft conversion or a home extension
• It can be installed as an extension to an existing room
• It is an ideal way to invite extra light into a home
• A conservatory can be used to create an additional room such as a dining room, a living room, office space, etc.
• It is a great way to create a feeling of indoor/outdoor living
• It allows you to enjoy your garden all year round
• Creating a quiet space for relaxation with no noise interference for example from a TV or radio
• An ideal space for a children’s playroom where toys can be kept away from adult space

No doubt there are many more ideas you could come up with to utilise the space a conservatory provides. In fact, versatility is one of the major reasons why conservatories are such a popular choice among homeowners. Being incredibly versatile means you can use it for a particular purpose and change your mind when your needs change in the future. A playroom today can become an office tomorrow or a quiet sanctuary later on in life.

A More Comfortable Space

One of the major reasons why homeowners may have been discouraged from installing a conservatory in the past was the difficulty in keeping the space warm in winter and cool in summer. With new and innovative technology, those misgivings are no longer an issue as there are now a host of solutions that allow a conservatory to be comfortable in all types of weather, no matter what the temperature outside. Options include:

  • Underfloor heating to keep the space warm when the temperature drops
  • Blinds fitted to the glass walls and even the roof and doors to keep the space cool when it gets hot.
  • New insulation systems that help to keep the heat in and the cold out or vice versa depending on the weather and the time of year.

In order to get the best solution for your requirements, it is always best to discuss your needs and budget with a professional.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you choose the perfect conservatory for your needs, please get in touch with one of our expert consultants today who will be happy to have a no-obligation discussion with you.