Statistics show that cats are currently the second-most popular pet n the UK, with around 17 per cent of the households owning a cat. Every pet owner must realise that having a cat is not just about ownership. Just like any other pet, a kitten has both physical and emotional needs. If you are a cat owner or are looking to get a cat, it helps to have some ideas on how to give them the best life.

Here are some tips and pet care services that will help you ensure that your furry friend is happy and healthy.

Give Them A Balanced Diet

There is more to giving your cat food than just getting wet or dry food. You also have to consider the cat’s age as it also determines which food is suitable. Your cat’s teeth also need to be considered as you need to give them food that they can chew easily before swallowing. You also need to check the cat’s digestive and hormonal system when selecting a diet for them.

Provide Your Cat With Enough Litter Boxes

Most vets recommend a minimum of two litter boxes for one cat. Having enough litter boxes for your cat will stop them from urinating or defecating in places that are not designated for that. It is also crucial to have more than or litter box per cat, as it prevents the cat from getting medical problems such as FUO (feline urethral obstruction) and FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease). You should make a point of learning your cat’s habits and personality as it will help you choose a litter box that is appropriate for them. If you pick something they do not like, they may end up not using it and helping themselves on your floors.

Keep The Cat Hydrated

Your cat needs to be hydrated to be in the best health. Cats evolved from desert-dwelling felines, so they get most of their hydration from the food they consume. If you are providing the cat with canned food, make sure that it contains at least 75 to 80 per cent water. This is also the percentage of water found in the bodies of mice, a cat’s natural prey. Dry food contains much less water(5 to 25 per cent), so if you feed the cat with dry food, make sure that you provide some water for them to drink. Remember that cats do not naturally drink still water, so you may notice them drinking water from your running tap.

Groom Your Cat

Brushing your cat’s fur is advisable even if they are a short-haired breed, so try to do it regularly. Grooming the cat is a good way to prevent the hair from getting tangled and also reduces shedding. Brushing them also makes them look clean. Cats also groom themselves and remove the extra fur. Brushing them regularly prevents them from swallowing the hair when self-grooming. A well-groomed cat has a healthy coat of fur and fewer parasites. It prevents ear and skin issues as well.

Good Sleep

Cats sleep for many hours (about twenty hours a day), which means that they need a comfy place to nap. Invest in a well-made bed that is comfy for the cat. A good bed reduces bedsores and keeps their spine healthy. There are many sizes and designs of cats’ beds, so picking a suitable one is the only task left.

Some of the other things you should do are;
Investing in a good crate for travel
purchasing toys and a scratch post
Getting them a cat-friendly vet.

These will make for a happy and healthy cat.