Three benefits of telephone conferencing

For a busy company with staff in different locations, teleconferencing is a highly effective way of bringing everyone together for mutual updates and briefings. With the evolution of VoIP, the technology for making teleconferencing happen has become a lot more sophisticated and costs have gone down.

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Sustainable and efficient 
Teleconferencing is one way of reducing carbon emissions and being kind to the environment as it definitely cuts down on travel. Why fly someone across the Atlantic for a meeting when you can talk face to face via a screen? With the right technology, everyone can join the meeting with no need to go anywhere. This eliminates the need for fossil fuels, expensive flights and disruptions to schedules. For more tips on creating a greener office environment, see this report from The Guardian

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This also means that teleconferencing is efficient. There is no need for staff to spend hours getting to a meeting, or blocking off an entire afternoon for attending, when all they need to do is dial in from wherever they happen to be, and then they can go back to what they were doing.  
Big savings 
Hosting meetings can be expensive, especially if it means putting staff in hotels, hiring venues or organising catering. The latest teleconferencing technology allows practical and powerful meetings to happen while staff are sitting at their desks. VoIP now offers a wide range of teleconferencing services that are flexible and priced very competitively. Another great benefit of VoIP is AZ termination, where calls can be directed through appropriate networks in the most cost-effective manner to deliver the call to its final destination. If you think your business might benefit from AZ termination, consider contacting a supplier such as, where you can find a range of packages.  
Bringing large groups of people together in one place for meetings is becoming old-fashioned. The modern alternative is a flexible VoIP package that enables quick and easy teleconferencing whenever you need it. The thing to remember about meetings is that the important part of them is what gets done as a result of the meeting, not the meeting itself. Make it easier for staff to get on with the job they are supposed to be doing by facilitating meetings that are simple for them to attend and cost-effective for you. 

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