SPA facilities at the Hotel

SPA is one of the refreshing places in star hotels. the purpose of establishing this SPA could be to increase hotel income. 5 star hotel saigon for example, which provides 5 star services for guests if guests want to relax their bodies.

It seems Ladies are already familiar with the term Body Spa. Maybe even some of the Ladies have regularly done Body Spa. Well, for those who don’t know and understand what Body Spa is, it’s good to read this article.

Solus Per Aqua or commonly abbreviated to Spa is actually a water therapy. But in accordance with the times, the spa is now no longer a water therapy but a form of body care that has many benefits. The spa itself is actually not only for women at this time because men and children can also enjoy the benefits of Body Spa.

Before we review further about the benefits of Body Spa, it helps us know the stages of treatment carried out during this Body Spa process. This treatment begins with massage or massage on the entire body.

Usually the therapist will use special oils to massage our bodies. The oil used can have a relaxing effect on our body.

After a massage, our bodies will be lined with scrubs that have been mixed with scrubs. Well usually the salon will give you the choice you want to use what scrubs. You can try chocolate scrubs, coffee, green tea, and fruits.

Each of these scrubs has their respective properties. You just need to adjust it to the needs of your skin. After it has been blended, you will wait for about 15 minutes to wait for the scrub to dry. This is intended to make the body’s waste more easily removed. If it’s dry, the therapist will rub your body.

After the scrub process, you will be in the sauna. This sauna aims to open the pores of the skin. So your skin is no longer covered by dirt. After the sauna is finished your body will be masked later. This mask aims to close the pores of the skin that had been opened. Besides the mask also has a function to tighten the skin.

Well the last process is bathing. Later you can choose to soak with a mixture of spices or milk. If you want to whiten the skin, then you can choose milk or if you want a relaxing effect, then you can choose herbs.

Judging from the ingredients used, this Body Spa has many benefits. The benefits of spa include smoothing, tightening, whitening and nourishing the skin, relaxing muscle tension, detoxifying the body to boost the immune system, relieving anxiety, anger and depression, preventing allergies, signs of diabetes.

Next is migraine and asthma, and reduce high blood pressure and hypertension, reduce insomnia, stress and fatigue, restore the body’s natural balance, achieve happiness, confidence and creativity and slow the aging process.                

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