Reasons You Might Want to Cut Down a Tree


There are plenty of different reasons for felling trees. This includes commercial production of timber and even paper. However, we’re more concerned with some of the reasons for felling trees that have absolutely nothing to do with commercial production. Here, HRG Tree Surgeons have listed some of the reasons you might want to cut down a tree.

Reasons For Felling Trees:

1. It’s Dead

One of the main and most obvious reasons a tree needs to be cut down is if it has died. If the tree looks like it has seen better days, it’s time to cut it down. While you might think that it’s not doing any harm remaining upright, that’s not the case. There are plenty of different reasons you should be getting rid of a dead tree as soon as possible. While it may be easier to let it bed, it’s not something you’ll want to do. After all, leaving a dead tree can lead to you or someone else getting seriously injured. After all, if a tree is dead and it has dead branches, it’s increasingly unstable and more likely to have branches that fall unexpectedly. It’s also easier for the entire tree itself to fall especially in poor weather conditions. This can end up leading to significant property damage.

2. The Tree Is Diseased

While you don’t necessarily get rid of a tree at the first sign that it has a disease, you do want to act quickly. You’ll need to do things like prune any branches that are infected on the tree. If the disease has infected the majority of the tree, it’s likely time to call a professional tree surgeon. That way, they can give it a good look over and figure out whether or not they can get rid of the disease. Leaving an infection in a tree can lead to big problems. One of the problems is that it could spread to all of the other trees and plants in your garden or yard. It can also result in bringing more unwanted pests to your property. By not treating a diseased tree quickly, you could end up killing off your tree. Therefore, it’s better to do it now rather than wait.

3. The Tree Is Growing too Close in Proximity to Something Else

While a lot of people try to avoid growing trees too close to properties because it can risk cracking the foundation, that’s not a primary concern. That being said, some problems can creep up when a tree is growing far too close to something else. For instance, if you have a tree that is growing too close to drains, it could lead to getting the drain blocked from the roots. It can even cause things like paving slabs to get lifted as the roots grow underneath them. Also, you’ll find that you will be at a greater risk for suffering house damage from a branch falling on your roof if you have trees too close to your home. Thus, it’s best to avoid allowing trees to grow too close to certain things.

4. The Tree Is Leaning

You’ll want to look out for the tree if you find that it’s leaning one way or another. You don’t want to allow a tree to lean for too long. If the tree is leaning, it’s going to be much more likely to fall, which can be an injury and property risk.

5. The Tree Is Decaying

This one isn’t something that a novice is going to be able to spot easily. Typically, you’ll need to consult with a professional tree surgeon to identify this issue. However, it being so difficult to spot makes it even more of an issue. After all, you might not even know it’s there. This can make it much more likely that you might experience property damage from having a decaying tree nearby without even knowing it.

There are plenty of different reasons you should be looking to remove a tree. Some are more serious than others. However, there are some reasons that you might want to remove a tree that doesn’t involve the actual health of the tree including if you want more space. Regardless of your reasons, HRG Tree Surgeons has specialists ready to assist you.

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