Life has been ridiculously hectic the past week and admittedly I’ve been absolutely rubbish with doing anything I’m supposed to be doing other than uni work. It was my birthday on Sunday, and I was unbelievably lucky gift-wise. I’m not usually the kind of girl that gets everything that she wants, but since it was my 21st – that kind of changed a little bit just for one day. I headed into Central London and met up with my parents and sister, where they had a giant Chanel cake waiting for me, looking pretty in it’s pink quilted glory (and I must say it’s damn delicious – and so big, I had to freeze it). Cards followed and shortly after so did chocolates, and an amazing my pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses, my faves… but then the best gift of all emerged in the form of a gigantic Harvey Nichols bag, which I opened to find a black Celine bag which I’ve been lusting over for probably 2 years. Literally still in shock and staring at it every minute of the day… It gets better though…

My mum then told me to open the bag, and when I did I came to find a smaller Harvey Nichols bag, and when I opened that I found an Alexander McQueen scarf! I mean, what. the. fuck. I swear I switched lives with some Beverly Hills child for the day. Nothing more exciting happened after that, just lunch and champagne – I’d have probably passed out if anyone gave me anymore extravagant surprises in one day! And I definitely don’t think there will be anymore birthday presents for at least another decade!

One more outfit I just have to mention today, another little present from a friend. It’s cold, and to be quite honest the thought of getting my legs out now makes me huddle under my duvet in disgust… And that’s where the jumpsuit comes in. I’m a little bit of a jumpsuit addict and this one is just another addition to the thousands cramming in my closet right now, but as soon as I saw it I had to feed my wide leg fetish! And of course, I’m still prancing around with these fluffy little babies on my feet.

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