New Business Ideas With Low Investments

So you want to start a home based business but don’t have a lot of money. This is the stumbling block for many people, but don’t worry, there are some low investment business opportunities out there.
So the first thing you need to do is figure out what type of business you would like to try. Got to have the horse before the carriage, right? I know you’ve read this a hundred times already online but I will repeat it again; look at what you like to do already. Do you enjoy playing the guitar, BAM, guitar lessons. Do you like to socialize, BAM, event planner. Trust me, good business ideas are everywhere, but you just need to look for them.
If you are one of the individuals out there don’t have any hobbies or pastime passions then this is for you. I did(and what you should do also) quick search online and found some good business ideas for a very low, some none investment.
1. Event Planner – Like I mentioned about, if you like to socialize and go to parties, then this could be the ticket for you. You do need to have good organizational skills to pull this one off though. Maybe a good smart phone with a calendar and a little advertising and you’re off to the races. You can start small, only doing certain types of parties like kid’s birthday parties and build the business from there.
2. Daycare in Your Home – This one is more suited to the stay-at-home mom or day, that are home already. But you could always do this on the weekend too. Many parents need a good sitter on the weekends and who would the trust more, a 16 kid that might have her boyfriend over or a responsible parent that will be watching their own kids at the same time. Maybe charge extra for them to sleep over, all kids love sleepovers!!!
3. Cooking Instructor – Do you make a cheese cake that is to die for, or everyone tells you that your ribs are the best, then there could be an opportunity there for you. Usually word of mouth advertising between your friends, family and Facebook can get the ball rolling for this one. Some newspapers will allow you to put free announcements in the announcements/workshops section of the paper. Who doesn’t like free.
4. Handyman Service – There a a lot of baby boomers out there now that don’t want to or just aren’t capable of doing a lot of the “around the house” chores anymore which leads an opportunity a mile wide for a few sharp individuals to capitalize on. Power washing the driveway, trimming the shrubs, changing the lightbulb in the hallway and the list goes on and on. A free ad on Craigslist or probably better, a small classified ad in the paper could bring in a lot of business. And you know how the senior citizens are, when they find a good thing, they let others know about it, good or bad. (NOTE: in some states and cities, you are required to get a business license first before doing any work on somebody else’s property for money.)
So there you have it, a couple good business ideas with a low investment amount to get started. If you actively look for good business ideas all the time, one will find you sooner or later.

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