What do bird watching, sports cars, plumbing and software development all have in common.
Not much at all except for the fact that they are things that some people are not only interested in but are passionate about.
And that is the key to finding the perfect business idea for you.
OK so you get the drift – think of something you love and are passionate about, set up a business based on that idea and you will enjoy success for the rest of your life.
But wait – before you rush off and patent your new ground breaking idea there may just be more criteria involved in finding that perfect idea that will ensure the success and profitability of your new business.
2 Essential Criteria For Your Perfect Business Ideas
Below are the 2 things that must be present for your business plan to have a hope in hell of making any money – which after all is the aim of having a business.
1. Passion
This one we have already touched on above and while it is an essential part of your perfect online business idea, passion on it’s own may not be enough to make your idea that perfect.
2. Demand
Whilst you might be lucky & strike gold with your newly discovered idea that is based purely on your passion, but on the other hand just imagine if your passion is something like studying the mating habits of the north sea clam.
Yes it’s an idea that you are passionately interested in but do you think it’s actually a good business idea?
No it isn’t because the market & hence the demand for anything to do with the mating habits of the north sea clam will be too small, ie trying to make money from selling books, pictures of them in action or anything to do with clams mating will be extremely difficult.
Therefore before you go off half cocked and start basing your new business concept on some half baked idea that hasn’t been well researched, make sure that the above criteria are present.
So I am sure you get the picture – your perfect business idea needs to be one that you are not only passionate about but also one that has a following, ie for which there is a significant market and action around it.