The home business opportunities can get a lot of efficiency about the articles. They can sell the idea of the landing page, they can increase the search engine rankings, they can bring a lot of traffic, they can build the brand image and they last long in the directories and web sites. Of course, the quality of the contents will determine, how effectively they will do these jobs.
This article tells about, how a marketer should distribute his articles about the home business opportunities. A marketer cannot trust, that the other marketers would copy his articles from his site or blog, so the marketer must have a system with which he will distribute the articles to several places, where other marketers can pick them.
1. Use Both HTML And Text Only Distribution.
Not all article directories accept the keyword optimized HTML articles but they want text only versions. Of course the HTML articles have chances to climb high on the search engines and they are easier to be found. But the text only articles have one good benefit. The search engine softwares will form more keyword combinations from the keywords and thus to draw the site higher in several search engine result pages.
2. The High Traffic Directories.
It is useful to distribute the articles through some high traffic, quality directories. There are several reasons. These directories present the top level of article directories and are strong brands. When the article uses them, it is an evidence of a marketing power. And they bring a lot of traffic to your home business opportunities plus can draw your site high on the search engine result pages, because their own page rank is so high.. Maybe about five from this category is enough.
3. The Mass Distribution.
As said earlier, the target is to distribute every single article as widely as possible among the related surfers. So to increase the distribution numbers, you have to use a mass distribution. That can be arranged by using some service or distribution, which has a wide distribution list and which is easy and quick to use.
4. Automate As Much As Possible.
When the article submission is done manually, it is a real pain. Those five quality directories you have to do manually, but others can be handled with a service or software. Technically it is important to use hyperlink in the bio box. Or if you want to handle this job really easy, you can use the software only, but check that it has the quality directories on the list.
The marketer has to remember that the article is a piece of content and the directories are mediums, which carry that content to the target group. The directories use categories and the article use keywords. These are the two things, which makes it easy for the information seeker to find the article.