Finding employment is not always the easiest process.

If you are unsure of how they work, here is an introduction to finding a marketing recruitment agency in London and a couple of useful tips so that you can get started.

What is a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies perform the role of matching candidates to specific job vacancies. They do this by working directly alongside different companies to assist them in filling their roles.

The consultants at a recruitment agency source or find new opportunities, optimise and edit CVs, and often provide pointers that assist candidates when it comes to preparing for an interview.

In essence, they ultimately streamline the entire job-seeking process.

How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Recruitment agencies perform several different roles.

To begin with, a business will contact the agency when they have one or more vacancies or roles on offer. The recruitment agency usually then performs the following tasks:

  • Use an existing database in order to find suitable or matching candidates;
  • Post the vacancy online, which helps them to source the applicants that have the appropriate skills;
  • Once they have sourced a few suitable candidates, they then pass this information onto the company. From here they usually also arrange interviews with the company for the candidates that best match the role.

How Does a Recruitment Agency Work?

How to Join a Recruitment Agency

Most recruitment agencies allow people to visit their offices so that they can sign up that they are looking for work.

However, it is still advisable to first call ahead in order to secure an appointment and to find out whether the agency has roles that match up to a specific industry. In some cases, the agencies won’t have a traditional shop front. In these situations, meetings are usually pre-arranged.

Another way to sign up with a recruitment agency is to add a CV to an existing online database. With these databases, recruitment agencies often contact candidates directly when a relevant position or role becomes available.

How to Apply for Jobs through Recruitment Agencies

A recruitment consultant acts as a middle-man between the recruiter and the candidate. They send the CV of the candidate and put the applicant forward to arrange an interview.

What Are the Advantages of Using Recruitment Agencies?

Finding employment through a reputable recruitment agency is associated with several benefits.

To begin with, the well-established agencies have fostered great relationships with some of the top-rated employers, which gives candidates exclusive and privileged access to specific roles. Candidates are also recommended for positions that they might not have known or heard about.

Other advantages of using the services of recruitment agencies include:

  • Cover letter and CV advice;
  • Expert and professional interview coaching;
  • Constructive feedback from every employer and interview;
  • Been placed forward for relevant positions that become available

What to Do When Seeing a Role Advertised by a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agents advertise most of the vacancies that they are working with online.

Anyone is free to apply for a role, but this doesn’t mean that the applicant is signing up with the agency when they apply. At the same time, the roles that are advertised by the agency will usually not include the name of the company until the applicant has secured an interview.

Are there Costs Involved to Use a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies do not charge for candidates looking for a job.

These consultants are paid directly by employers. They receive a fee when a candidate successfully secures a role with the company.

What Happens Once the Candidate Secures a Job?

Once a candidate has secured a job, the recruitment agency’s role does not stop there.

They also deal with any necessary paperwork along with any other formalities. They will also keep in contact with the employer to ensure that everything is set up for the candidate for their first day and sometimes even beyond. Recruitment agencies can also negotiate the salary of the new employee and ensure that they are receiving the best opportunity or package.

At the end of the day, it benefits the recruitment agency when they have made sure that they find positions that are best suited to the candidate.

Job hunting is often a lengthy and lonely process. This journey is a lot less stressful and easier when using a reputable recruitment agency.