Are you feeling upset or lost? Does everything in your life seem to be going wrong? Well, you might be planning to try a drug that you have heard everyone talk about and hope everything will be better. Most people assume that’s how addiction starts but that’s completely wrong. A typical first-time drug user will not need drugs to cope with their issues or feel good. That’s because they don’t know what using drugs feels like. As such, there is no expectation of what will happen when they use the drugs.

The First Steps to Addiction

When you use drugs for the first time, there will be no detailed plan to follow. Most people abuse drugs for the first time at a party. For instance, you might expect the party to only have alcohol but someone else comes up with a white powder or another drug. Imagine if you have never come across cocaine before but everyone at the party is trying it, including people close to you. Certainly, you will feel the pressure to try it too.

Let’s say you notice them laying the outlines of the white substance on the counter. Someone else picks up a dollar bill and rolls it up then suddenly snorts up the substance. Your friend is next in line and snorts it up then hands over the rolled note to you. Now, your hands are sweating and your heart is pounding. You might start wondering about the next steps and whether or not you should follow suit. Finally, you start snorting a line but how does it feel?

At first, you might have a peculiar but empowering feeling. You will get a sudden bust of energy and jitters throughout your entire body. Your hands will start shaking and your feet will be tapping. Suddenly, you are seeing colours you have never seen before and dancing to music like never before. Everyone is laughing and talking to you. You are enjoying every second of your life at this moment until the effects start wearing off.

Now you are feeling sluggish and everything starts slowing down. It feels like the world just stopped but it hasn’t really. The music is still the same. The party is still there. The atmosphere is still full of party people. Your head feels heavy so you take a minute and sit down as you feel quite unsure of your feelings. Your friend might ask what is happening and you respond that you are feeling funny inside. He/she might assure you that you are ok and need to snort another line.

Get Help During COVID-19

If you go to rehab, you can get clean and sober within 30 days. Go to therapy, join a support group and start managing your cravings. You might feel anxious every time cocaine is mentioned or someone else encourages you to take more. Yes, this might not be your addiction story but you need to get help before things get worse. However, for most people, their addiction began this way and have never been able to get a hold of it.

Note that, getting help from cocaine or any other drug addiction means staying away from people who might force you into your old habits. If you have gone to rehab and found ways to manage your addiction, you also need to stay away from people who might drag you back into your old habits. Therefore, it means that you have to look for new friends and avoid going to parties where such drugs are freely available. Your goal now is to get better and avoid getting addicted again so you need to work on yourself. If you have a friend or relative going through drug or other forms of addiction, make sure they get the help they need from Addiction Care.