A company that reaches the pinnacle of success must be built on a strong foundation. One of the founders of the company’s foundation is the culture applied in the company. The corporate culture must be able to run well and consistently by all parts of the company.

It is indeed not easy when implementing organizational culture in a company. However, if you find the right way, everything will be easy. One way to do this is to use the services of CQ Cross Cultural Coaching. They are a consulting company that has experience in leveraging cultural intelligence to drive better business results.

Here are some tips for building a culture in the company:

Define Company Vision and Mission

The main thing you need to do when building a company is to determine the vision and mission. Large companies usually have a global vision and mission.

If you have difficulty making a vision and mission, then consult with people who are experts and experienced in their fields such as CQ Consultant.

Deliberate Together with Company Members

After determining the vision and mission carefully, then deliberate it with company members. You can hold meetings with all parts of the company.

If the meeting is not possible, then submit it in the form of a newsletter. Give the “suggestion or opinion” column in it. Who knows, among those suggestions or opinions, there can be improvements for the company’s vision and mission.

Hold Training

Training in a company is essential to be held. Not just for new members, but all parts of the company.

This training covers how to apply attitude standards to achieve goals, develop character and enthusiasm to become a reliable team. Also include material about vision and mission as a reminder.

Procurement of training should be conducted regularly, in the beginning, mid and end of the annual period. To be more interesting, make games related to teamwork in the training session.

Conduct Periodic Evaluation

Good supervision must be followed by proper evaluation. Evaluation is an activity of evaluating an activity within a company for a specified period. The evaluation can measure the success of a company in achieving its vision and mission.

Hold evaluations regularly, from weekly to monthly to annual. It is better if the evaluator is not coming from the company, but also experts outside the company.