Choosing the best type of roof is not an easy matter. Because each roof has advantages and disadvantages of each.

For this reason, you should be able to choose which roof suits your needs. The reason, some variants of the roof offers durability that can reach 100 years or more.

However, other variants have the advantage of an attractive appearance but relatively shorter age. For this reason, you need to know what kind of roof really needs a house. If you need a qualified roof contracting expert, just call the general contractor Oshkosh Wi.

Therefore, let’s check out the various types of roofs to choose from.

Types of Roof Houses That Can Be Selected

  1. Asbestos roof

Made from a combination of 6 natural silicate minerals, this one roof has several advantages and disadvantages that no other roof has.


  • The price is relatively cheap
  • Easy to install
  • Does not require a lot of wood battens


  • Unfortunately, the use of asbestos roofs can actually threaten health according to health experts.
  • The reason, asbestos fibers in the form of particles that can easily be released can be inhaled by humans. This can cause lung cancer.
  • Glass roof

This one roof is only installed in certain areas that require natural lighting.


  • Open natural light
  • It looks modern
  • Protect the walls of the room underneath from moisture and mildew


  • Fragile
  • Can make room-temperature rise if used excessively
  • The model is not varied
  • Ceramic roof

Although made of ceramic, this type of roof was made of clay. What distinguishes it is the final process, namely the addition of Glatzer coloring layer.


  • Durable
  • Strong withstand human weight
  • The combustion process with a temperature of 1100 degrees makes the color more durable


  • Must be installed carefully to avoid leakage
  • The slope must be at least 30 degrees for the water to flow perfectly
  • Need bolts so that the installation is stronger
  • Metal roof or metal roof

The shape of this roof resembles a sheet that resembles zinc. How to install it must also be planted on the roof frame gorging beam with screws.


  • Installation is easy and fast
  • Save material because of its wide size
  • Coated with anti-rust material
  • Made of anti-breaking material that makes it safe from leakage
  • No need to be repainted too often because the material is anti-moss


  • The disadvantage of this type of roof is that it looks unattractive if it is installed carelessly or not neatly.
  • Clay Roof

This one roof is quite commonly used on the roof of the house. Installation must be carried out on a sloped roof by applying inter-locking systems.


  • The price is economical
  • Light-weighted
  • The material is strong enough to be stepped on to facilitate the process of fixing a leaky roof


  • Requires more accuracy when installing so as not to leak
  • Susceptible to mold and mildew so it must be coated with paint or glaze
  • Installation of the zig-zag pattern inlock connection system is quite troublesome
  • Concrete Roof

Ordinary concrete roofs are usually printed in the same shape as the clay roof. Usually, this roof is often used in minimalist themed homes.


  • Many choices of models, ranging from corrugated to flat models
  • The quality and durability are tested
  • Resistant to weather, attack, and fire


  • Its weight is quite heavy
  • The price is more expensive than clay
  • Asphalt roof

This roof is made of a mixture of asphalt and other chemicals.


  • Lighter than metal and ceramic roofs
  • Fire-resistant and strong winds
  • Already anti-fungal and anti-fade coated
  • Has a display that can make the house look more beautiful


  • Requires a strong framework to support the load
  • The price is quite expensive

Here are some types of roofs with their advantages and disadvantages.

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