As every family member grows, sometimes it’s difficult to maintain a healthy bond. Therefore, please invite your spouse and children to do activities that can rebuild closeness. Here are seven routines that you can try to strengthen family relationships.

1. Enjoying dinner together

Enjoying dinner with children is a good way to strengthen family bonds. If you get bored having dinner at home, sometimes you can take them for dinner at a restaurant. One of the best family dining places is Tradies, sports bar Caringbah. Not only enjoying dinner, but you can also watch sports matches live.

2. Take them on Vacation

Give your child a surprise by taking them to fun places all of a sudden. You can take them to eat ice cream before going to bed, going out to eat at their favourite restaurant, or taking them to an amusement park.

3. Play Games Together

Gather the whole family and play together. Starting from card games, monopoly, scrabble, or anything that involve the entire family and make sure your child feel happy. If your kids are in their teens and no longer likes the games, take them to wherever they want. Try not to refuse their invitation when they want to do something they like with you.

4. Watch a Movie Together

Take time to spend the weekend watching a movie with the whole family at home or at the cinema. It seems simple, but not all parents are aware that this is one way to strengthen family bonds.

5. Set Rules

Make rules when the family is enjoying time together, for example, the telephone or computer must be turned off, and everyone should communicate directly. This is part of developing disciplinary behavior.

6. Storytelling.

Survey results show that only 2 out of 10 parents share their stories with their children. This activity is essential to build emotional closeness with children. Start by sharing your feelings about what happened that day. After that, it is the children’s turn to tell stories. If the child does not want to, avoid forcing them and never compare them with their brother or sister.

7. Positive messages

Spend time together conveying positive values, such as a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.