Month: April 2021

I Am Starting My Own Business – Why Do I Need a Business Plan?

If you want to start a business then the words “Business Plan” will haunt your dreams for the next few months! If you have never produced any piece of writing more daunting than a postcard from Kos then the very thought of producing this all singing all dancing tome can make you feel sick! So sick in fact that you may decide you don’t really need one – after all you only want to open a little shop selling home made pate and gourmet pickles, or capitalise on your needlework skills and flog designer dog coats.
Sorry, you still need a plan and this is why……
Feasibility study – we all get too close to our own ideas and a business plan even in its most basic form acts as a feasibility study on any business idea. During the course of completing the plan you may find this idea just …


The Ideas Of Business

The most recent and most acceptable and proven new business concept is Direct Marketing or Direct Sales. The competition has grown and also the internet has made it so easy to reach the customers anywhere and everywhere.
You think of any product and it is possible to order it and get it on your doorsteps. Neither the customer nor the seller needs to be physically present to execute the trade. This is the power of the internet. But the biggest change that we have seen in last decade is the change in the income and purchasing power of the customers. Products are easily available to the customer but because the purchasing power of customer has decreased, it has become insignificant whether the product is available at a click of a mouse or not.
The only thing that works is approaching the customer and making him realize how much he needs …


Work at Home Mom’s Business Idea

Are you a Mom who wants to work at home? Do you hate the idea of doing somebody else’s typing or administrative work? Well, how about this for a work at home mom’s business idea?
Start your own niche marketing website and don’t say just yet that you wouldn’t know how to do that because more on this later. Now you can approach this in two different ways:
1. Choose a topic that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about such as childcare, cookery, pets or even car maintenance if that’s your bag.
2. Choose something that you may know very little or nothing about but which is hugely profitable such as weight loss or internet marketing If you do happen have personal experience of one of these, so much the better; you’re really on a winner.
If you’re new to this, you may be wondering how you make a business …


How to Convert an Idea Into a Business

Converting a new idea into a profitable business usually includes the creation of one or more forms of intellectual property. Here are four questions, which provide guidelines on how to best protect a new idea:
Does your idea involve a unique process, method, or invention?
If your idea includes any of these, then you may wish to apply for a patent. A patent generally gives the owner a monopoly on using the patented idea for 14 years. If the business idea is patented, it is usually wise to also apply for international patents to protect the invention’s use in other countries as well. A good patent attorney can offer more extensive advice if you decide to pursue a patent on your idea.
Does your idea involve a secret recipe, ingredient combination, or similar phenomena?
Unfortunately, many of these business ideas can not be patented. However, if you have a business …


Home Based Businesses and Ideas – What the Experts Won’t Share

When searching the internet for home based businesses and ideas it is really amusing what the “experts” have to say their top picks are. I am not knocking any of the suggestions that were made. They range from being a personal trainer, medical claims billing, coaching, web design, desktop publishing, personal shopper, wedding planner, and more. If you have a passion and are gifted in a specific area then go for it.
However the majority of the people that are looking for home based businesses ideas have no special skill set and really no idea on what they want to do. Although this article will seem a bit biased there is a reason behind it.
While conducting my research no where did I see them mention direct sales or network marketing. I will give a strong argument on why this is where you will want to start looking.
The top …


Start Your Own Business Idea – What to Do Between First Thought and Getting Started

A light bulb went off inside your head and you now have the greatest business idea ever.
What do you do now?
Go out and start your own business!
Is it really that easy? Yes, it is exactly that easy to get started. However, the rest of the story is not just a walk in the park. There will be lots of work. It will take time away from family and friends. Plus there is still that 9 to 5 job of yours. You know, the one that brings in the money to pay your bills?
So, let us take that idea and get started.
Logically, we should start with a plan on how to finance the adventure, right? No, not necessarily.
First we should go to Amazon and see if there are any books written on the subject or topic of your business idea already. How much are they …


5 Tips for Shopping Safely Online

The world is evolving technologically and the existence of the internet is one of the major factors for such a giant stride. Many people take to their mobile devices or computer whenever they need an item or service.

Opinions and reviews on reveals that shopping online can be much better, easier and more convenient than buying from brick and mortar shops or stores. There are a lot of advantages shopping online have over physical stores and some of them have been assessed under online shop reviews.

This content is aimed at informing you of tips for shopping online safely. Here are a few but salient guides:

1. Avoid insecure connections

This is one of the major guides for shopping online safely. Always ensure your computer is properly protected from potentially malicious softwares. This is because your financial information and passwords are at great risk from being stolen. Also …


Four Stages of a Business Idea to Be Undertaken by Promoters

Before a company (Co) comes into existence, the new business idea undergoes some stages and procedures. These initial stages of formation of any company are termed as promotion. There are people who are involved in executing these stages before a company can commence its operations. These persons are called the promoters.
Note that not all types of companies undergo all these stages. Some start operating only after undergoing two stages as the case with a private company and public company. These two companies don’t have a share capital. A public Co limited with a share capital has to undergo all the four stages before it’s incorporated to commence its specific purpose stated in the memorandum of association. Gw. Gerstenburge defines promotion of a company as, “the discovery of business opportunity and the subsequent organization of funds, property and managerial ability into a business concern for the purpose of making profits …


A Work From Home Business is Ideal For Moms

Many moms dream at having a work from home business but never do anything to make it a reality. It is a risky thing to do, especially if you give up a well paid job to do it and are therefore taking a big risk. However, it does seem a shame that if you have always had a dream of doing this that you are not. It could be something that you always wish you had done, something you regret and having regrets is never a good thing. Having a good job is important too, but not following your dream means a lot as well.
I think the most important for moms to do is research. As long as you have looked at your potential market and calculated whether there is demand for good or service that you will be providing and that you know how to price it to …


The cons to being acknowledged approximately the net inventory buying and selling

Day changing is the demonstration of buying and promoting a financial tool across the equal time or maybe on several activities during a day. Exploiting little-fee movements may be a worthwhile sport at the off hazard that its miles performed effectively. Yet, it tends to be a volatile sport for amateurs or any man or woman who does not grasp a very well-tested system. The stock trading over the net or online buy make out with the volatile sport due to the secondary assist.

Some of the weaknesses of net changing

1. Simpler to contribute an extra of excessively quick

Since internet-primarily based changing is so herbal you press capture and there may be the risk of selecting helpless hypothesis choices or overinvesting. Online economic backers can make certain themselves through knowledge of the shares they’re shopping and putting in shields in fast enterprise sectors. Submitting a cutoff request for …