ASMPowered by a 192 MHz ARM9® in the ASM201, the kit provides meter developers a highly scalable application platform to satisfy current and future performance requirements. Developers may choose from either a 16 MB SDRAM or NOR Flash options for an extremely cost-effective solution to handle the industry trend of ever-increasing memory requirements. The full spectrum of single-phase and split-phase sensor configurations are supported for leading utility-grade energy measurement with Accent’s AEMET solution, providing 0.1% accuracy over a dynamic range of 10,000:1. The kit also features the ASM201’s 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 radio and transceiver for PRO applications. The ASM201 kit also supports additional communication stack processing, as would be required for a RF Mesh system, via appropriate serial connector and software.






  • 192 MHz ARM926EJ Central System Processor (Integrated in ASM201)
    • 8 + 8 KB for instruction and data cache with integrated MMU
    • 32 KB Flash
    • 64 KB SRAM (plus retention RAM)
    • Expandable 32-bit memory support: SDRAM, NAND/NOR Flash, SRAM
  • Complete ZigBee-802.15.4 functionality
    • Data rates up to 250 kbps with the ASM201 2.4 GHz radio
  • Industry-leading Single-phase and Split-phase Energy Measurement Capability
    • Form 2S to 4S meter support
    • ANSI and IEC accuracy class 0.2 at board with dynamic range of 10,000:1
    • Shunt, CT, and Rogowski coil sensor support
    • Anti-tamper support
  • LCD Display (32 segments) With External Brightness Setting
  • JTAG Debug (programming port)
  • Different On-Board Memories Options
    • 8MB Serial Flash
    • 16MB SDRAM (8MBX16b) or 8MB FLASH (4MbX16)
  • Expansion Connectors




  • ZigBee PRO Communication Stack
  • Near Area Networking Communication Stack
  • AEMET/Metrology DSP Algorithms Libraries
  • Easy to use API Enabling Quick Application Integration And Proprietary Feature Implementation
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer and Hardware Drivers
  • Example Reference Application Software
  • Multi-layer Test Environment