Smart Grid

Electric Meter Installed Base Chart

Electric Meter Installed Base
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As described by Pike Research, smart meters are the vanguard of Smart Grid deployments, and will represent a $8.4 billion global market by 2015. The opportunity is unprecedented as the industry undergoes a disruptive transition to incorporate new technologies enabling a more efficient, reliable, and bi-directional power distribution and transmission infrastructure.


As the market makes its transition to advanced smart meters, equipment vendors face several challenges. One such challenge is how to support impending Smart Grid communication standards as early as possible. Examples include 802.15.4g, 1901.2, and SEP2.0. Typically, this type of flexibility requires incorporating additionally flexibility in the form of increased processing capability and program storage to handle standard evolutions as well as interoperability. Both items places cost pressure on cost sensitive devices that ship in high volume. A related challenge is in general architecting a product with a 15-20 year replacement cycle the ability to incorporate feature upgrades in the field.


Unfortunately, silicon solutions available today fall short in either providing support for newer technologies or doing so in both a cost effective and scalable manner. Furthermore, these components often only offer very limited scalability, which also constrains field-upgradability. The ASMgrid2 product family reconciles these competing forces through market leading silicon integration and architectural innovation.


Smart Metering


Accent in Smart Metering

Accent focuses on highly-integrated, innovative, standard-based ICs for the Smart Grid. In support of this mission, Accent is a strong proponent and active contributor to Smart Grid standardization initiatives, including:

  • ZigBee Alliance
  • Prime Alliance
  • IEEE 1901.2
  • IEEE 802.15.4g


Asmgrid blockdiagram


For most equipment manufacturers, Accent's ASMgrid2 standard product family represents an ideal solution providing unmatched differentiation and product scalability. The ASMgrid2 system-on-chip architecture encompasses a broad range of technologies including high-precision analog-front-ends, RF transceivers, non-volatile memories, and processing capabilities needed to run required protocol stacks and vendor application software. For future-proof communications support, Accent has combined software flexibility and hardware acceleration in its SUNFX™ modems, providing cost-effective adaptable solutions.


Customer Driven Configurations


Asmgrid blockdiagram


While ASMgrid integrates widest breadth of technologies for Smart Grid applications, Accent recognizes that further integration or customization may be desired. Over the company's long history, Accent's has established expertise in the areas of low power, analog & mixed-signal, embedded, and wireless design with a track record of over 300+ designs and tens of millions of parts in production. The ASMgrid product families have been designed to support a modular and flexible architecture, enabling rapid customizations with production silicon in 3-6 months.


Key ASMgrid Benefits Include:

  • Single-chip and Two-chip complete Smart Meter Solutions
  • Future-proof communication standards support
  • Robust solutions supporting advanced data-rates
  • Unparalleled system capability and headroom for meter applications