Wireless M2M and Sensor Networks

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Accent's ASMgrid and company technology portfolio is applicable to a broad range of markets that could be categorized as Wireless M2M, Wireless Sensor Networks, and RFID. The wireless sensor market encompasses a number of applications: personal health care, industrial control, automotive control, lighting, etc. Product requirements vary. For example, different wireless technologies may be used which operate on different frequency bands and providing different bandwidth capabilities.


Common product requirements, however, are lowest power and cost, which at the semiconductor level translates to integration of challenging technologies (wireless, analog mixed-signal) as well as packaging expertise to support system-in-package solutions.


In addition to ASMgrid1 SoC Platform offering, Accent can and has applied its expertise in the following area for several customer engagements:

  • Flexible MEMS (Accelerometer) I/F Flexible to different MEMS sensors
  • Single package stacked-die configuration for MEMS sensors and readout electronics
  • Ultra Low Power (<1.5 mW for Sensor Node) Asymmetric Radio Link solutions
    • Including: field-proven UWB transmitter and ISM receiver system
  • Solutions implemented in 90nm /130nm/180nm and designed for portability to different target technologies


With over 300 successful customer designs to date and tens of millions of parts successfully shipped to market, Accent works hand-in-hand with customers to address their product and production needs.