Wi-fi thermostats are thermostats that are connected up to your home’s wi-fi. They automatically control the temperature in your home by sensing the ambient temperature and then raising or lowering the temperature of your heating system as appropriate. There are numerous advantages to using these types of thermostat in your home, such as:

  • Efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Adaptability

Below, you can find 4 benefits of installing a wi-fi thermostat provided by our partner Zelf Energie Vergelijken.

1. Wi-fi thermostats are cheaper to run

When used for cooling especially, a wi-fi thermostat is cheaper than a traditional thermostat. These thermostats are designed to be extra energy efficient, and many of them will even work to detect patterns in the fluctuations of temperature in your home and then provide you with useful suggestions regarding how to maximise the efficiency of energy use.

2. Records of temperature use can be kept

The great thing about wi-fi thermostats is the fact that they also keep an automatic log of how they have been used. This enables you to look back over the history of the thermostat and then make plans to use them more efficiently in the future. It also enables you to see which members of your household have been overusing the thermostat.

3. Remote control functionality is available

Even if you are away from your home, you can very often control your wi-fi thermostat by means of a smartphone app. This remote control functionality is also very useful if, for example, you head off to work and then realise that you have forgotten to turn down the thermostat for the day.

4. Built in reminders ensure that maintenance is completed promptly

Wi-fi thermostats are very smart pieces of technology. One of the smart things that they can do is automatically alert you as to when they need to be repaired. These built in reminders mean that you can schedule repairs or maintenance checks at the touch of a button and you will not find yourself in that awful situation when you come home to find that your thermostat has completely broken due to an issue that would have been preventable if you had caught it in good time and made the necessary repairs to it.